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About Us

Our Philosophy

Contractor SignHonesty and integrity must be at the heart of all our dealings

Since 1981, our experience has taught us that moral integrity is good for business. Whether with clients, subcontractors, suppliers, or one another, we practice the Golden Rule and believe that honesty is our best policy. Ask anyone we’ve ever worked with.

The ARCO Team is our most important resource

First and foremost our success as a business is driven by high levels of employee satisfaction. Investment in continuing education for our ever-changing, highly technical industry keeps our employees at their best. We also demonstrate respect for the individual and provide an equal opportunity for everyone. We believe in and reward hard work and high productivity. Many of our employees have been with ARCO for over 25 years!

We are dedicated to quality and continuous improvement

Therefore, our goal is meeting or exceeding the expectations of our customers, on time, the first time, every time.

We are customer focused

We’re in the business to create and serve customers by listening to their needs, sharing their sense of urgency, and meeting all their requirements. Our goal is to serve you well now so that we can bring that same service to you as a repeat customer later on. Repeat customers are a major portion of our workload.

We share our success with our industry and society

Supporting and participating in industry trade associations and professional organizations keeps our staff at the forefront of industry trends. Our contributions of time, talent and money to worthy causes help us maintain our positive and productive work atmosphere.

We are profit oriented, because profit is not just desirable, it is an absolute necessity

Profit is a reward to the company for a job well done. Profitability assures the future of the business for all involved. Achieving profitability while providing the most competitive project costs in the business is what sets us apart as a company.

Our Approach

Construction Superintendent photo

ARCO understands the key to customer satisfaction is proper project management.

ARCO’s staff is involved in a continuous program of management and technical education which is provided through internal teaching sessions and attendance at appropriate outside continuing education seminars.

One of the main ways we achieve operational efficiency is through departmentalization. Dividing jobs among the various departments in ARCO results in keeping good people in the areas of their greatest strengths. Consequently, our employees honor our commitment to honesty and integrity by bringing their unique skills to each project.

Our Team

Senior Management

Steve Hall

Steve Hall

Ray Layfield

Ray Layfield
Rebecca Hall

Rebecca Hall
Executive Administrator

Architectural Department

Eugene Brown

Eugene Brown
Dan Lockwood

Dan Lockwood


Gina Baker

Gina Baker

Field Staff

Ben Riser
Eric Mayo
Kendall Cooper
Mark Parker
John Baker
Josh Hall
Dorothy Searcy